How does the virus look like?

Maybe you are wondering how the virus which fights against cancer looks like? Is it sharp or symmetrical? They say that seeing once is better than hearing a thousand times. Here are some examples of different kind of virotherapy viruses.



This is RIGVIR. In 1960 the scientists detected that the human intestinal viruses, obtained from young children, can destroy the human tumors which are engrafted to hamsters .
In 1965 the laboratory of cancer virotherapy was organised to investigate this phenomenon. 60 different types of the intestinal viruses were estimated and 5 the most active destroyers of the tumour cells were obtained. One of them was named – RIGVIR (Riga virus).
The adaptation of RIGVIR in the skin melanoma tissues was started because this tumor is not sensitive to radiation and chemical therapy. The adaptation of RIGVIR in the melanoma is successful and the therapeutic effect of RIGVIR adapted in melanoma was detected.
In 2004 the RIGVIR preparation was registered in the State Agency of Medicines of Republic of Latvia.

NDV-HUJ virus

NDV-HUJ virus

This is the NDV-HUJ virus which was found in Israel in 2006. DV-HUJ is a natural variant of NDV (Newcastle Disease Virus) which usually affects birds. This is important for two main reasons: first, the virus meets relatively low resistance from the patients immune system which can otherwise reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. The second reason has to do with the fact that being a bird virus, the NDV-HUJ has a very low risk of a mutation that will cause it to become dangerous to humans.

Here is a model of how the viruse activates immune system.

to be continued…

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